It all goes back to 1977 when Mike Mahoney built his first skateboard in High School shop class and sold it for $25. Since then Mike has always built his own skateboards. In 1994, Mike built his first longboard to mimic the carving sensation he grew to love from snowboarding. It wasn't until 2005 that Mike got serious about building longboards.

Unhappy with what was on the market at the time, Mike set out to build longboards the way he thought they should be built. Using exotic woods and a laminated construction, Mike developed an advanced laminating process that creates perfect alignment of the top and bottom stringer patterns. This gives his boards the look of a solid wood board with the ride qualities of a laminated board. Mike has quickly developed a reputation for building top quality boards, beautiful to look at and fun to ride.

Mike continued to move forward in his designs and continually testing new construction methods.  The Technics and quality that Mike once did has now been passed onto Select Distribution.  Continuing Honey Skateboards, Select Distribution's woodcrafters hand shape each board still to this day in California, USA.  The crew at Honey hopes you enjoy riding our boards as much as we enjoy making them.  We thank you for supporting the sport of Skateboarding and manufacturing in the USA.